For when the time comes…

Saying goodbye

The bond that is formed between a pet and its owner is strong and lasting. We understand the pain and sense of grief that the loss of a pet brings.

We treat all pets as if they were our own, so we’re here to support you and help give your beloved pet the dignified farewell they deserve.

Pet Cremation Services

We work with Pet Cremation Services in Ayrshire to offer a range of cremation options for our clients.

Communal Pet Cremation

A communal cremation is the basic offering available to all pet owners. This does mean that the pets will be cremated with other pets.

In this type of cremation no ashes will be returned as there is no form of separation but for many, this choice is a satisfactory form of closure. A small proportion of each of the communal cremation is collected and stored in a Memorial Garden at their facility in Ayrshire.

Individual Private Pet Cremation

When chosen, a private cremation is carried out in individual, single chambers, meaning one pet to one chamber.
Following the cremation, Pet Cremation Services carefully collect their ashes before the next cremation can commence, ensuring the ashes you receive are those of your pet and no other.

Our Private Cremation Options

Ashes to Scatter

Woodland Scatter Tubes and Boxes

Scatter Tubes and Boxes are suitable for interment, ashes scattering or as keepsakes. Designed with simplicity in mind, to allow an easy-to-use and attractive ashes scattering solution.

Created from over 90% recycled materials and are biodegradable, making them a very environmentally friendly choice.

Scatter Pouch

Scatter Pouches are hand woven in natural bamboo; an eco-friendly and totally biodegradable container for the burial or scattering of pet ashes.

Scatter Pouches are available in a number of sizes and can be decorated with floral spray and ribbon.



The eco-friendly Bamboo and Mahogany stained caskets come in five sizes that can accommodate an engraved name plaque.

Please note the nameplaque’s are made from Brass and will mark and tarnish over time so will need cleaning.

Sleeping Cat

Sleeping Cat Caskets are one of the best loved pet ashes caskets for cats. The beautiful, hand-finished carved hardwood cat figurine conceals a discreet ashes urn container in the base and provides the perfect resting place for your beloved cat.

Size approximate: 10cm H x 19cm round.

Cast Resin Tributes

A Cast pet ashes casket individually reproduced from an original sculpture, created by artist Andrew Brown of Sussex Sculpture Studios. Cast in resin, each beautiful urn is hand-finished in an “antique” verdigris bronze style.

Suitable for pets of any size that will make a truly appealing and appropriate resting place for a beloved pet. Approx 24cm high.

Available in: Cat, Staffie, German Shepherd, Boxer, Jack Russell, Cocker Spaniel, Yorkie, Rottweiler, Westie, Pug, French Bulldog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Labrador and Rhodesian Ridgeback.


Slate and Pewter Urn

These beautiful urns are available in three sizes and two styles. Slate & Silver with one paw print and Pewter & Brass with two paw prints.

Classic Urn

These Classic Urns are available in three sizes, the small measures 6″, medium measures 7” and large measures 8”. These urns are engraved with paws and have a slate finish.

Redford Pet Crematorium

For those who would prefer a local pet crematorium for private cremation, we recommend Redford Pet Crematorium.

Redford are a family run business who offer a caring, dignified farewell for your loving pet.
Their aim is to provide a complete, planned cremation for your pet and they will spend time discussing your preferences in order to offer a service tailored to your needs.

Redford also offer a service where they can collect your pet from any of our practices.

For more information, you can contact Christine or Euan on 01241 860 260 or we can request them to get in touch with you directly.
You can also visit their website at

Pet Bereavement and Pet Loss

Losing or knowing you’re about to lose a loved one affects different people in different ways, but you should never feel alone.
Talking to people makes the world of difference and support is always available.

Blue Cross and The Ralph Site are just two of the available service who can offer free and confidence support with online resources or by chatting to someone by phone, email or web chat.

Blue Cross
The Ralph Site