Reference Request

Reference Request - Natalie Petrie

The above named person has applied for a role within Wallace Veterinary Centres and has noted you as their reference.

If you could spare a moment of your time to complete the follow form on their behalf, we would be most grateful.

Any information provided will be stored on a secure cloud database and will not be shared with the applicant or any unauthorised personnel.


Please tell us the start and leaving date of the applicant when they worked with you.


On the basis of your experience of the applicant can you let us know how you would assess them on the following personal characteristics:

4 Stars = Excellent

3 Stars = Good

2 Stars = Satisfactory

1 Star = Less than Satisfactory

0 Stars = Would rather not say


From your knowledge of the applicant, would you re-employ them again?

Your Declaration

I can confirm that the details I have provided above are correct to the best of my knowledge.