I’m Rachael and I’m a receptionist here at Wallace Vets, joining the practice in 2012.

Before I moved to Scotland I was employed as a veterinary receptionist in Buckinghamshire for 11 years.

I find my job very rewarding, both interacting with our clients and working with the veterinary team. I’m a Companion-Suitable Qualified Person (C-SQP) with AMTRA since 2009 and I’m keen to keep my knowledge up to date on the latest worming and flea treatments for giving advice to our clients.

I have 6 dogs altogether; 4 Borders Collies and 2 Jack Russells.
I compete with 3 of my Border Collies at agility, especially during the summer months when I’m at shows almost every weekend competing with them.

I was also involved in the making of the live action Disney film ‘101 Dalmatians’ as a trainer to some of the puppies. My own Dalmatians I had at the time also featured in the film, as did some of my Dad’s sheep.