Thinking of getting a Rabbit or Small Furry?

Look at rehoming first
Scottish SPCA Rehoming Centre in Petterden and Animal Rescue Centre Arbroath are two fantastic local charities who sometimes have Rabbits and Small Furries that are looking for their forever home.

You can find out more about them here:

Scottish SPCA
Animal Rescue Centre Arbroath

Keeping your Pet healthy and happy

We strongly advise that Rabbits are vaccinated, starting as young as six weeks of age.
The single vaccination helps to protect against myxomatosis and Rabbit haemorrhagic disease.

We also recommend an annual full physical examination and booster vaccination, to maintain protection against myxomatosis and RHD.

Rabbits may require regular treatment for external parasites e.g. fleas and mites.
Rabbit owners also need to be aware of fly strike and how to minimise the risks.
Speak to any of our Qualified Nurses, or book a free clinic for more information.

We advise full physical examinations and regular vaccinations of all Ferrets to help protect against distemper virus.

Small Furries
We recommend annual full physical examinations of all small companion mammals.