Pre-Operation Information for Cats

All pets in this practice are anaesthetised with the safest and most modern veterinary anaesthetics as standard, therefore reducing risks to a minimum. Please expect some areas of your pet to be shaved to allow medication to be given and monitoring equipment to be used.

To ensure that they are ready for admission, and procedures run smoothly on the day please follow the following instructions unless specifically told otherwise.

Please bring them to the surgery at your designated appointment .me on the morning of the opera.on. They should be as clean and dry as possible in preparation for going into an operating theatre.

No food should be given after midnight the evening before surgery. Water should be available overnight and taken away by 7.30am on the morning of admission. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and if not adhered to may lead to the opera.on being postponed.

Please keep them confined to the house overnight with access to a litter tray.

Before any anaesthetic or surgical procedures can begin we must, by law, have a consent form completed. This will need to be signed by the owner or an agent acting on the owner’s behalf, but they must be over the age of eighteen.

You may want to consider them having a pre-operative blood profile performed immediately prior to surgery, to establish any underlying conditions that may affect our choice of anaesthetic. We especially recommend this for Cats over 13 years of age. We also recommend fluids as an option to maintain blood pressure and reduce the affects of anaesthetic on the organs.

We will require a contact mobile number where we can reach you all day, or if you are unavailable an agent who can act on your behalf. We need this just in case we have to speak to you about treatment, or we find something unexpected and require your permission to act up on it.

We will update you by Text Message, however, you can also phone the surgery between the hours of 1-2pm. We will then be able to tell you how they are and at what .me they will be ready for collection. A post-operative care sheet will be given to you when you collect them from the surgery.

Please note that full payment is required when your pet is collected.

If you are able to claim back the cost of surgery from an insurance provider, please bring a completed copy of your claim form on the day of surgery.

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.