Practice Policies

Zero Tolerance

We want our practices to be a safe, calm and healthy environment for pets, owners and staff at all times. Our committed and dedicated staff are our most valuable asset. Any verbal or physical abuse or harassment of them is totally unacceptable. As such, we have a Zero Tolerance policy.

This means that aggressive or violent behaviour towards our staff or any member of the public within our practices will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Anyone giving verbal abuse to members of staff, either in person, over the telephone or online will be sent a letter from our Operations Manager advising that this behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in them and their pets being removal from our client list.
There will be no appeal process.

Please help us to ensure that Wallace Veterinary Centres remain safe environments for everyone.

Missed Appointments

We understand that missing an appointment can happen and that circumstances can change, and we ask that our clients are courteous and contact us with reasonable notice to cancel or reschedule by calling us on 01382 549600 or via PetsApp.

Our practices are very busy and not cancelling a booked appointment means that we are unable to offer these to other pets who are in need of urgent or emergency treatment.

In the first and second instances, if a client does not show for their appointment, we will write to them to make them aware of the situation and put an alert on their account.
If a third appointment is missed, an invoice will be issued to the client for a consultation fee for that appointment and any subsequent appointments that are missed from then onwards.

Complaints Policy

We pride ourself on giving the best personal service and animal care possible.
Your comments, feedback and suggestions are important to help us learn from what we are getting right and where we need to improve.

If you have encountered any problems with our services, please let us know:

  • In the first instance, speak to the Vet in charge of your pet’s care – they may be able to resolve your concern there and then.
  • If they are unavailable, please discuss your concerns with any member of our team who will only be too happy to help.
  • Alternatively, you are welcome to contact our Management team using the form on our contact us page and selecting ‘Feedback and Concerns’. Please ensure you provide us with the full information.
  • In general, if you have a concern, it is best to raise it as soon as possible – this will make it easier for us to investigate and resolve any matters, which are still ongoing. Particularly if we need to review CCTV or listen to phone call recordings.
  • If any of our staff were involved, it would be helpful if you can provide us with their names.
  • We will treat any points you raise in confidentiality. Upon receiving your feedback, we may need to contact you to find out more. We may need to investigate the matter further before being able to reach a conclusion; if that is the case we will do our best to look into it as quickly as possible and will reply to you as soon as we are able.
  • In normal circumstances, we would aim to have addressed your complaint within 14 days of receiving it.

Call Recording

All calls to and from our practices are recored onto a secure encrypted platform for the following reasons:

  1. To ensure we are providing our clients with the best quality of service
  2. To identify any training needs
  3. To address any incidents inline with our Zero Tolerance policy
  4. In the instance of any complaints against our clients or employees relating to telephone conversations

By phoning our practices, or by allowing us to call you, you are giving us permission to record the conversations for the above reasons.
Recordings are not shared with any third party companies.

Emails sent in error

Information in emails sent from at account, including any attachments may be privileged, confidential and is intended exclusively for the addressee. The views expressed may not be official policy, but the personal views of the originator. If you receive and email in error, please notify the sender by return e-mail and delete it from your system. You should not reproduce, distribute, store, retransmit, use or disclose its contents to anyone.

Returning Medication

Because correct storage conditions and therefore safety and effectiveness of medicines being returned by clients cannot be guaranteed, such products cannot be accepted back into stock unless there is proof that the product has been stored in accordance with their datasheet or summary of product characteristics (SPC).

Therefore, we can only accept back medication for a refund that are in a blister pack and which has been either;

  • Incorrectly dispensed
  • Authorised to be accepted back by a Veterinary Surgeon due to a change the animals’ planned medication.

Products dispensed for animals that have not left our practices can be accepted back into stock as the storage conditions are known to be acceptable and they are not contaminated in any way.