Meet our Bravery Award Pet of the month, Zar!

Zar came to us as an emergency with a swollen abdomen and trying to vomit unproductively.
He had gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV) which is a condition where a dog’s stomach fills with gas and then twists preventing the gas from escaping. This condition can quickly restrict the blood flow to the stomach and they can die rapidly.
He went through emergency surgery to untwist his stomach and a gastropexy was performed which means the stomach is held in place to stop it re twisting. After spending 48 hours with us he was able to go home and is still doing really well.

Zar’s owners have written a note of thanks to Fraser and the team:

“Zar, our 8 year old German shepherd was rushed to Wallace Vets emergency out of hours in Broughty Ferry one week before Christmas with suspected Torsion (GDV). Thankfully Fraser was able to save his life with emergency surgery and he was soon able to be reunited with his pack to recover and enjoy a little bit of Turkey on Christmas day.

Two years ago, Niall diagnosed him with third degree heart block and he was sent to Glasgow to be fitted with a pacemaker so this is the second time Wallace Vets have saved his life.

His family cannot express their gratitude enough to the Vets and to Zar himself for all that he is xxx.”

The cause of GDV is unknown but exercise after ingestion of large meals of food or water have been suggested to contribute.

Zar Neal Photo bravery award

How to Reduce the Risk of Future Problems:
There are many means by which the risk of this disease can be minimised including:

  • Feed several small meals a day rather than one large meal, and discourage rapid eating.
  • Avoid stress during feeding (if necessary, separate dogs in multiple-dog households during feeding).
  • Do NOT exercise immediately after feeding. Ideally wait 1 hour after eating before walking.
  • Do NOT use an elevated feeding bowl.
  • Do NOT breed dogs with a first-degree relative that has a history of Gastric Dilation-Volvulus
  • Do not have any sudden changes to your pet’s food.
  • Keep dry dog food stored securely away from your dogs reach.