Meet our Bravery Award Pet of the month, Albus!

Albus is a young rabbit who was found in October and handed into our Carnoustie branch after he had strayed and became injured after an unknown accident.

Albus’ right hind leg was very badly fractured. The options in order to treat Albus were to either amputate his leg or attempt surgery to repair it. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact his owners our vets decided they would try to save the leg. This required a long hospitalisation process with administration of medication including strong pain relief, x-rays and an orthopaedic operation under general anaesthetic to place a structural pin in order to keep the leg stable for the fracture to heal successfully.


A couple of months on and Albus is doing fantastically! His leg is healing well and he is now ready to have the pin removed. Albus was also extremely lucky to find a new loving home where he has excellent care, helping him with his recovery process. He has even made a new best friend with Harvey the dog.

Well done Albus for being so brave!
We hope you had a lovely Christmas in your new home.