Meet our Bravery Award Pet of the month, MYLO!

Mylo has been incredibly brave over the past couple of months having had been in an accident which left him with a badly damaged leg.

Mylo was found on a local coastal path where the couple who found him flagged down a cyclist, to borrow their bike to fetch their car in order to take Mylo to our Carnoustie practice for emergency treatment. A real team effort from the community, which was later reported in the local paper.
Click here for The Courier article.


Mylo sadly had to have his front right leg amputated due to the severe injury in which he also lost a tooth and suffered broken ribs. This involved hospitalisation, x-rays, surgery, fluid therapy and provision of several different medications. A couple of weeks after surgery, Mylo’s wound site became infected meaning he had to return to the vets for a course of antibiotics. However, throughout his procedure and recovery process Mylo was extremely brave and patient.

Mylo is now back to his normal confident self, showing the mice of East Haven he hasn’t lost his hunting skills having lost a leg and is very much a loved and recognised member of the community who have supported him greatly throughout his recovery. He even has his own page on the East Haven website so I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear of famous moggy Mylo!

Read more about Mylo here, on East Haven’s community website.

Well done Mylo for being so brave and for the community for being there for him!