Meet the beautiful Sacha!
Septembers’ Bravery Award of the Month!

Sacha came to us this month after being in a road traffic accident and was sadly hit by a car.

Sacha was bleeding and had ripped some of her nails and had badly damaged the skin to her back paws and legs. She had a large skin flap wound, extensive bruising and several other small wounds. However Sacha was extremely lucky to have not broken any bones and has been incredibly brave throughout her journey.

She was instantly treated with fluid therapy through a drip, her paws were bandaged and x-rays were taken to ensure internally she was okay. Sacha was kept in overnight and then was induced under general anaesthetic to stitch her wounds and remove her broken nails. Sacha was then treated with medication including pain relief as she found this very painful.


Sacha has been returning regularly for bandage changes which will be a long process due to the wound healing time and due to the extensive nature of the skin condition however for each and every visit Sacha has been so patient and extremely brave!

Well done Sacha, we wish you all the best for your recovery!