Meet the handsome Parker!

Parker is our Bravery award of the month and at just 1 year, 8 months old Parker has been extremely brave throughout all of his visits to see us.

His first major surgery with us was to receive an MMP Tibial Tuberosity Advancement procedure which is placing a wedge into the tibia to stabilise his cruciate ligament and knee joint.

His next surgery was to remove a foreign body from his paw, where a blade of grass had entered and caused a reaction which needed opened and operated on in order to remove.

Then Parker was presented due to bleeding from the prepuce, he was hospitalised for several days where many tests were carried out in order to find the cause of this bleeding.

Recently Parker has been in to have half of his tail amputated due to an injury on the tip of his tail which failed to heal.

Throughout all of his visits, Parker has been so brave and remained his happy, cheerful self. We wish Parker all the best and well done for being extremely brave!