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Finding Pet Insurance

We strongly recommend Pet Insurance.

This provides financial help should your dog should need surgery, diagnostic tests, x-rays and ultrasound as well as referral to a specialist and long term treatments.

Insurance does not cover routine preventative treatment e.g. vaccinations, worming, neutering, etc.
Our Premium Pet Care Plan, however, does offer cover and discount on preventative treatments.

‘Like most things in life, you do get what you pay for. If a policy looks really cheap, make sure you look into the details . . . ‘

Finding the right policy for you and your pet.

There are many policies to choose from. It’s best to do some research into which Insurance Companies provide the best policies for you. Comparison websites can be a good way of viewing a choice of policies side-by-side.

Be aware that an annual policy will only cover any health condition for one year and if your pet develops an ongoing illness or recurring problems they may not be covered by that policy. Many providers do offer lifetime policies however, which would cover your pets’ treatment for life, which we would highly recommend.

Like most things in life, you do get what you pay for. If a policy looks really cheap, make sure you look into the details of what it covers and any excesses you would need to contribute towards.

Find a policy for life.

Although you can move from one insurance provider to another, be mindful that, if you move, not all insurance providers will cover existing conditions, and may also decline future claims if your Pets’ medical history links to something in the past which may have been the start of a condition.

5 weeks free insurance!

We offer every puppy and kitten 5 week’s free insurance, and so long as they are over 8 weeks old and under the age of 18 months old, we highly recommend you take this.
Instant cover begins on the day of a full health check from one of our Vets – so this can be during a new puppy check, vaccination or 6 month health check.

What does that mean?

If your pet becomes unwell from a new condition or has an accident and needs veterinary treatment, being covered with a 5 weeks free policy means you’ll have insurance in place to claim towards the cost – and it won’t have cost you anything to take it out. If you then choose to continue the insurance onto a full, lifetime policy with Agria, further treatment connected to that injury or illness will still be covered, as will anything new that crops up and is included under the terms of your policy.

You will also get the first 2 months at half price!

This free 5 weeks cover gives you time to shop around for a policy that suits you best, however, we pass on your information to Agria who will contact you with a quote for life time cover, which can be tailored your needs.

Why Agria?

We suggest Agria policies as they have lifetime cover options to suit every pocket. All Agria Pet Insurance policies cover the life of a pet and the life of any illness. Just remember that unless you choose to continue it, your free cover will end after 35 days. Agria will be in contact to provide you with a quote for a full lifetime policy, but there’s no obligation to take out further insurance with them. If you do choose to continue insurance with Agria or with another provider, make sure you read the policy conditions carefully and are happy that your insurance will cover all that you need it to.

We always recommend lifetime policies as they offer far greater cover should your pet need long-term or expensive treatment.

Speak to any of our reception team on your next visit!

‘We suggest Agria policies as they have lifetime cover options to suit every pocket. All Agria pet insurance policies cover the life of a pet and the life of any illness.’

2 months half price!

If you pet is aged over 18 months or is not eligible for our ‘5 weeks free’ offer, we offer 2 months half price lifetime pet insurance with Agria, covering Vet fees up to £12,500

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Claiming On Your Pet Insurance

We currently offer a service, free from administration charges, to process insurance claims on behalf of our clients.

Most insurers request claims to be submitted within 90 days of noticing the condition, so please bear this in mind when looking to submit a claim form.

All claims are processed by our Vets and RVNs, and although we try to ensure that these are completed within a few days of you submitting a form, sometimes due to service demands these can take up to 14 days.

Once your claim has been processed, you will receive a confirmation text message to your mobile phone.

Payment and Policy Excess

Clients are asked to pay for the services then claim the cost back from their insurance provider. Any excesses due will be deducted by your insurance provider before payment is made to you.

Claim Forms

Claim forms can be obtained from your policy provider.
We also have claim forms for most major Insurance Providers at our practices which you can complete during your visit. It’s best to complete these as soon as possible so we can begin the process.


eClaims are a quick and convenient way of submitting an insurance claim electronically, straight from your Pets’ medical record, directly to an Insurance Provider.

The following Insurance Providers currently offer this:
Agria, Crufts, Esure, Halifax, Kennel Club, Pet Pals, Pet Partners, Pet Plan, Pet Protect, Pets at Home, Protect Your Bubble and Sainsburys.

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