Amy Haylock
Veterinary Surgeon

I’m Amy and I joined Wallace Vets in January 2019.

Born in the South of England but raised in Scotland, I’ve just made the move back to Scotland after graduating from Bristol Vet School in 2012, and practicing in Northern Ireland, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. I started off in mostly large animal practice, but have been seeing pets only for about four years.

My favourite parts of being a vet are; the feeling that we have given the very best care to people’s furry family members, being in a position to support owners in very emotional times, the animals which go home wagging or purring, and the fun you can have with all the like-minded colleagues when at work.

I am probably best known for being quite obsessed with long dogs, especially whippets! I have an 8 year old whippet called Toast, who is an eccentric diva. I do a lot of hill walking, yoga, running, and eating. I will also never say no to a tea or a coffee, or to chocolate.