Hill’s™ VetEssentials is our preferred lifestage food for Cats and Dogs. It’s a multi-benefit food that addresses essential health needs.

Hill’s formulates its complete pet foods with a precise balance of 50 nutrients to meet the specific needs of pets, based on their lifestage, lifestyle, size or special needs. Carefully avoiding too little or too much of certain nutrients is important because a wide range of common disease conditions can be made worse, or even caused by, consistently feeding a diet with an incorrect balance of nutrients.

For more information, including free weight clinics and dietary advice, book an appointment with one of our Nurses.

Strong Teeth
Contains optimum vitamins and minerals—as well as our clinically proven “toothbrush-like” technology to help reduce plaque and tartar.
The right levels of calcium and other nutrients help ensure puppies and kittens develop strong teeth and gums.
Weight Management Technology
Burns fat efficiently while preserving lean muscle mass thanks to clinically proven levels of L-carnitine. Helps pets maintain the optimum body weight vital to long-term health.
Digestive Health
Promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the GI tract with prebiotic fibres for dogs. Helps maintain regular and smooth bowel movements. Gastrointestinal health is critical to the overall wellbeing of dogs.
Urinary Management
Offers controlled mineral levels for both cats and dogs; regulates feline urinary pH.
Vitality, Skeletal Development & Mobility
Precise levels of minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids support healthy bones and joints in dogs of all lifestages, from healthy skeletal development in puppies to maintaining vitality in older pets and mobility in large breed dogs.
Enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin to support healthy joints, particularly for neutered dogs.
Clinically proven levels of antioxidants and vitamin E maintain healthy immune systems.
New formulas for cats and puppies now have higher levels of antioxidants!
Skin & Coat
Optimum amounts of linoleic acid, vitamin A, selenium and zinc contribute to healthy, shiny coats.
Vital Organ Function
Supports vital organ function, particularly kidneys, in adult cats. Formulated with safe levels of sodium and phosphorus.
Gentle Digestion
Helps maintain a healthy digestive tract and firm stools with an optimal blend of soluble and insoluble fibres.