Few places have such a lovely coastline to walk their dogs along as Carnoustie, but there’s a silent danger that we’ve seen on a few occasions here, and one to be vigilant of.

Poor Lucy came to visit us last week having swallowed two fishing hooks during her walk along the beach. A large hook and a smaller hook with bait and line attached were found buried in the lining of her stomach. Originally Lucy’s owner, Andy, believed that Lucy had swallowed one hook, so there was further shock when the X-rays showed two!

Fortunately Andy reacted quickly in getting in touch with us and bringing her into the practice to see Niall, where she was made comfortable and operated on within an hour of her ordeal.

Lucy’s now bounced back to normal and loving her new-found celebrity status!

Courier 1

Courier 2

Xray 01

Xray 02