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Thinking of getting a Cat?

Look at rehoming first
Angus Cat Rescue are a fantastic local charity who always have Cats, and occasionally have Kittens, who are looking for their forever home. All their Cats are fully health checked by our own Vets, as well as vaccinated, neutered and microchipped before they are being rehomed.

You can find out more about Angus Cat Rescue here:

Be Cautious When Getting A Kitten

Be extremely cautious of adverts in Newspapers, on Social Media and Gumtree. Unless it’s a well known and reputable Rescue Charity, it’s important that you see any Kitten you’re thinking about getting with their parents, in their home environment, so you know they’ve both been well cared for. This lets you see what their parents are like, and you can check the health of the Mother and ensure she is up to date with routine vaccinations, worming, etc. You can also check their living environment is hygienic and has allowed your Kitten to get used to normal household life.

Never meet anyone outside their home environment to purchase a Kitten or Cat.

Keeping Your Cat Healthy And Happy

We strongly advise that Kittens and Cats are vaccinated. The Kitten vaccinations help to protect against Feline Panleucopaenia Virus (feline enteritis), Feline Rhinotracheitis Virus (feline flu), Feline Calici Virus (feline flu) and Feline Leukaemia Virus. The first vaccination can be given as young as nine weeks of age, with the second given three weeks after, but not before twelve weeks of age.

Our Premium Pet Care Plan includes the second vaccination, and annual boosters thereafter, plus all worming and flea/tick treatments, half-price microchipping, complimentary nurse consults to monitor development and assist you with any questions or concerns, plus a 10% discount off Vet consultations and surgery, including neutering. And best of all, it’s only £10 a month.

Click here for more information, or speak to any of our team for further details.

We also recommend annual booster vaccinations to maintain protection against serious infectious disease, which include a full physical examinations. All Cats should be regularly treated to kill parasitic worms; this is for both your Cat’s health and also the health of any children they may come into contact with. Kittens should be wormed monthly until six months old and adult Cats should be treated every three months. Cats also require regular treatment for external parasites, especially fleas.


We encourage all clients to take out insurance cover for your Cat, to help cover some veterinary treatment fees. You can find out more about insurance by clicking here.

‘All Cats should be regularly treated to kill parasitic worms; this is for both your Cat’s health and also the health of any children they may come into contact with. ‘

Taking Your Cat Abroad?

Most of our Vets are able to complete PETS Passports for travelling abroad, or other official documentation needed for importing and exporting Cats. For further detailed information please visit

We can also provide advice on parasite control and disease prevention when travelling abroad.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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