Consent to Treatment or Surgery

Please complete the online consent form below the day before your pet’s surgery.
If you have any questions which you would like to ask, please type these into the form.
On arrival, please come into the practice to let us know you have arrived.

For more pre-operative instructions for your pets, please click here

Consent to Treatment or Surgery
For the day of the procedure
For consent confirmation

I hereby give permission for the administration of a general anaesthetic and appropriate drugs to the above animal for the surgical procedure which they are booked in for, together with any other procedures which prove necessary.

I understand that all anaesthetic and surgical procedures pose a risk to the animal and that we cannot foresee any associated complications.

I understand that the Wallace Veterinary Centre shall try to contact me if any different treatment is recommended but if unable to do so shall do what they think is in the best interest of the above animal.

I understand that I need to fast my pet from midnight before the procedure?
I confirm that I have fed my pet as normal up until the time of their admission
Please also supply us with some of your pet's food for feeding after their procedure.
Does your pet have any health problems that we are unaware of? *

Is your pet booked in to be neutered?

For Dogs over the age of 10 and Cats over the age of 13 we recommend pre-anaesthetic blood test to check liver and kidney function.

We also recommend fluids to maintain blood pressure and reduce affects of anaesthetic on the organs.

The costs of these are as follows:

Blood Test - £106

Fluids - £85

Would you like us to carry out a pre-anaesthetic blood test?
Would you like us to use Fluids?

Have you been given an estimated cost for this procedure?

If you have not been given an estimated cost for this procedure, please contact us ahead of arrival to confirm.

Our main number is 01382 549600

Press 2 for Broughty Ferry

Press 3 for Carnoustie

Press 4 for Arbroath


Payment Terms
1. All fees are payable at time of treatment, time of collection of medication or collection of or for your pet.

2. Payment is acceptable in the form of credit/debit cards (Maestro/Solo/MasterCard/Visa/Visa Delta/Visa Debt/AMEX) in person or online, cash payments or BACS transfer.

3. If you have Pet Insurance, unless authorised in advance of the procedure, Clients are asked to pay for the services at the time of discharge. We can assist in claiming the cost back from their insurance provider. The fee for doing this is £10.

Please note: as a training practice, Student Veterinary Nurses may be involved in the care of your pet under the observation or guidance of Registered Veterinary Nurses. Student Veterinary Surgeons may be involved in the care of your pet under the observation of qualified Veterinary Surgeons.
By signing below you are agreeing that you are the owner of the above named animal or are authorised by the owner and that you acknowledge that payment for this procedure is due at the time of discharge.

Claiming on Insurance?

For more information about claiming your expenses back from your insurance provider, please click on the button below.

Insurance Claims