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Claiming On Your Pet Insurance

Making a Claim

We offer a service to process insurance claims on behalf of our clients. There is an administration fee for this service.
Our current fees are: £10 per claim, up to a maximum of £30 within a 12 month period.

Most insurers request claims to be submitted within 90 days of noticing the condition, so please bear this in mind when looking to submit a claim form.

All claims are processed by our administrator, and although we try to ensure that these are completed within a few days of you submitting a form, sometimes due to service demands these can take up to 14 days.

Once your claim has been processed, you will receive a confirmation.

Continuation Claims

Clients who are looking to claim for continued treatment for a condition which has already been claimed for must notify us in the same way as the original claim.

A new claim form or eClaim submission must be completed for us to contact their insurance provider.


Clients are asked to pay for the services then claim the cost back from their insurance provider.

Policy Excess

There are thousands of pet insurance policies available in the UK, all with different excess structures. Any agreed excesses related to your policy will be deducted by your insurance provider before they make payment to you.

Third Party Access

Due to data protection, as we are a third party, insurance companies are unable to discuss your insurance policy or any insurance claims with us directly, unless you the policy holder has given them verbal or written permission to do so.

Claim Forms

Claim forms can be obtained from your policy provider.
We also have claim forms for most major Insurance Providers at our practices which you can complete during your visit. It’s best to complete these as soon as possible so we can begin the process.


eClaims are a convenient way of submitting an insurance claim electronically, straight from your Pets’ medical record, directly to an Insurance Provider, with a faster turnaround.

Click on the button below to see if your Insurance providers accepts eClaims.

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