Our neighbours in Broughty Ferry celebrate their 90th birthday this year.

Broughty Ferry Library, a Category C Listed Building, was built in 1928 and it looks as iconic today as we’re sure it did back then.

While looking back at the history of the building, it got us thinking about the history of the building our practice in Broughty Ferry is situated in…

The original part of the building on the corner of Queen Street and Gray Street predates the Library being built, though we don’t know by exactly how long.

The 1911-12 Dundee Post-Office Directory lists the building as a Glass and China Merchant. After which, the 1947-48 Dundee Directory lists it as a Modiste; a fashionable Women’s dress and hat maker.

The aerial photo below shows our building at the end of a row of single story houses, with the Queen Street Church, now The Gulistan House, at the opposite end.

We have no idea when it was taken, but the photo does highlight the massive wealth of houses in Broughty Ferry to the north of the town, many of which are still standing.

It’s an interesting look back at the historic town and our building which, over a hundred years ago, was known for selling luxury hand-made goods, and is now at the heart of Broughty Ferry’s community providing healthcare to Dundee’s much loved pets, using state-of-the-art digital equipment.

Link: Behind the Scenes in Broughty Ferry (Nov 2015)