Vaccination Amnesty!

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The importance of vaccinating your pet
As a trusted and loyal companion, your Dog or Cat depends on you to keep them healthy.
This is your guide to understanding the diseases your pet can be protected against so that he can enjoy the best possible quality of life for the longest possible time.

Vaccinations are one of the most important preventative measures you can take for the health of your Dog or Cat. Vaccinations help protect your pet from viral and bacterial diseases. At some time in its life, your pet may be exposed to a serious or even fatal infectious disease. Without proper vaccination, they’re left unprotected.

Whether your pet spends time indoors or outdoors, they may be at risk of exposure to infectious diseases. Vaccinating your pet is the best and least costly way of preventing disease.
Prevention helps assure the best quality of life for your pet and is less costly than treating for a serious illness that could have been prevented.

How does vaccination work?
When your Dog or Cat receives a vaccine, its immune system produces special substances called antibodies. The antibodies work against viruses or bacteria that cause disease and can be regarded as the bodies “fighter pilots”. Later, if your pet is exposed to that same disease, these antibodies will help destroy those viruses or bacteria. It is important to note that vaccines are preventative rather than curative. Vaccinating a sick animal is not going to help and in fact is not advised. A healthy pet and healthy immune system is required in order to build these protective antibodies in response to a vaccine.

How often should my dog be vaccinated?
Since the protection provided by a vaccine may gradually decline after an animal is vaccinated, annual revaccination may be necessary. The booster vaccine is necessary to ‘remind’ the immune system to produce enough protective antibodies or fighter pilots. Routine examinations performed at vaccination time will help us identify problems in your pet. Early detection of problems allows for early treatment and a better prognosis in general.

If your pet’s booster has lapsed by more than three months, it may be necessary to restart the initial process again.
Throughout April 2016 we are offering the full vaccination course for the price of a single booster. So long as the first vaccination has been administered and paid for in April, two/three weeks later the second vaccination will be given free of charge.
Offer excludes Puppies and Kittens.

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