This week at Wallace Vets our nursing team have been recapping their knowledge on CPR using our new dog model.

CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. This is required when a patient suffers a ‘cardiac arrest’ which is where the heart stops beating and breathing stops. Emergency intervention is required through respiratory ventilation and chest compressions which is crucial in order to revive the patient and save their life.

Once the animal is laying on its side, chest compressions are required at 100-120 per minute, with straight arms pushing down on the widest part of the rib cage, compressing the chest 1/4 of its width. Breaths can then be given through ‘mouth to nose’ or in a veterinary practice through the oxygen ventilation machine, 1 breath every 6 seconds. CPR is continued until the animal is breathing independently and has a steady heartbeat.

Having this model allows us to train future students and practice the correct techniques required in a medical emergency.