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Myxomatosis is a severe viral disease of rabbits that is most often fatal. It is spread through biting insects such as mites and fleas- both of which can be found in hay and survive for several months.
Myxomatosis poses a threat to all rabbits both living indoor and outdoor, especially if they may have any contact with wild rabbits, hares or other rabbit companions. Pet rabbits affected by rabbit fleas are also at very high risk and owners who also have a dog or cats that hunt wild rabbits (or foxes that visit the garden and nose around hutches) must be particularly careful, in case rabbit fleas are introduced to the pet bunny.

Clinical signs to look out for can include- watery discharge from the eyes, swollen genitalia, blindness, nodular swellings on the head and body, excessive pus discharge from the nose and eyes (often causing eyes to seal shut) and pneumonia.

If an unvaccinated rabbit catches Myxomatosis, often the kindest option is euthanasia as the virus can cause immense suffering for 2 weeks before the rabbit may sadly pass away.

An annual vaccine is available which can prevent this fatal disease, as well as a vaccine against Viral Haemorrhagic disease (VHD) and can be provided at both of our practices.

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